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  • Collection: Manuscripts & Journals

The medical journal covers the first period of Ticonderoga's service with the European Squadron (Nov. 12, 1865 to Sept. 30, 1866).The daily entries list the names of all crew members who reported to the medical officer, along with a description of…

The Journal records the activities and events of Commander Beaumont from the time he reported to Admiral Paulding on 15 October 1862 for passage on the Steamer Massachusetts to Port Royal to take command of the U.S.S. Sebago on blockade duty with the…

236 numbered pages of text and illustrations.

Also includes four appendices totaling 18 pages:
- "Watch and Quarters Bill for a 50 gun Frigate"
- "General Quarters Bill for a 50 Gun Frigate"
- "Problems in Gunnery"
- "Ranges of Iron…

MS0547 Günter Braun.pdf
Journal/Logbook kept by Günter Braun from 1941-1943 while serving aboard a German minesweeper (Sperrbrecher 1) and 2 U-boats (U-593 and U-436).

The journal consists of two main parts:
1) Routine entries from January 1, 1941 to April 28, 1942…

Asenath P. Taber traveled with her father (Daniel H. Taber), mother, and sister (Emily) aboard the barque (whale ship) Alice Frazier (built 1847, Richmond, Maine) on its journey from Honolulu, Hawaii to Melbourne, Australia.

Diary includes…
Logbook 002

Daniel H. Taber and Captain Fisher traveled aboard the ship Alice Mandell (built 1851, Rochester, New York) from New Bedford to whaling grounds in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

Home port: New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Ports Visited:
- St.…
Logbook 004

The collection is comprised of two blueprint copies of presentation plans and a notebook, entitled “Specification of an Iron Clad Shot Proof Steam Floating Battery to be constructed with Steam Machinery and Turret complete and ready for Service by…

The Journal consists of a single bound volume. In it Frank K. Moore, Acting Assistant Paymaster on board the Steam Sloop Wachusett of the United States Navy, recorded his observations and activities from March 12, 1862 to June 13, 1862. The journal…

This journal covers roughly the last year and a half of Jacobs' three-year enlistment in the United States Navy during the Civil War, from August 23, 1863 to December 8, 1864.

During the time that Jacobs kept this journal, he served aboard two…

Bushby volume 1 part 1.pdf
Henry Bushby's manuscript, "Notes on Knots" is comprised of eight volumes with over 1,900 hand-written pages and pen and ink diagrams.

Bushby's manuscript represents an in depth study of knotting and ropework, as well as knot theory. Written…