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  • Collection: Maps & Illustrations

Features ornamental cartouche in lower right featuring an elephant

- Ornamental cartouche with four female figures
- World map presented in two hemispheres
- Text describes "Theory of the Tides" by Isaac Newton and descriptions of "Trade Winds and Monsoons" by Edmund Halley
- Text below map describes all the…

MSM0093 NewCorrectMapWorld.jpg
- Ornamental cartouche with coat of arms and surrounded by ships and mermaids
- World map in two hemispheres
- Shows coasting and trade winds

1. North Pole
2. Ptolemean systeme
3. Copernican systeme
4. Appearance of the Sun

MSM0094 CarolinaFrontiers1775.jpg
Part 1 of 2

- Landmark colonial map of the Carolinas that remained in use throughout the final quarter of the 18th century
- Ornamental cartouche