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Specifications book, 1862-1865


The collection is comprised of two blueprint copies of presentation plans and a notebook, entitled “Specification of an Iron Clad Shot Proof Steam Floating Battery to be constructed with Steam Machinery and Turret complete and ready for Service by J. Ericsson and Associates.” The notebook is signed inside the front cover “Warren E. Hill, Continental Works Green Point or 15 Cranberry Street, Brooklyn”. It is dated June 1, 1862. The plans are of U.S. Steam Battery Monitor.

Despite the fact that the dust cover names the notebook, “U.S.S. ‘Monitor’ Specifications,” the descriptive details of the specifications themselves pertain not to Monitor, but rather to ironclads of the Passaic class, some of which were also built at Continental Works. Pasted onto first page of the book is a small linen plan showing the outline of a Passaic-class hull line and armor belt. The vessels to which the specifications applied are noted on p. 65 of the notebook: Passaic, Montauk, Kaatskill, Patapsco, and Weehawken. The specifications are dated March 28, 1862, and correspond with the issuance of a contract to Ericsson and his associates on March 14 for 6 more ironclads. The sections of the specifications are as follows: General dimensions; Keel; Stem; Stern post; Frames, Vertical Cross, Floors, etc.; Stanchions; Fore and Aft center keelsons; Fore and Aft floor stringers; Athwartship bulkheads; Engine keelsons; Deck-beam knees and shelves; Plating of hull; Thickness of iron; Armor shelf; Anchor well; Propeller well; Riveting; Caulking; Bulwarks or armor timbers; Deck; Deck hatches; Deck plating; Rope stanchions and ringbolts; Anchor and capstan; Rudder and stern arrangement; Motive machinery; Vacuum engine; Boilers; Smoke pipe; Turrets; Pilot house; Steering wheel; Side armor; Fresh water condenser; Propeller & stern arrangements; and Spare articles, tools, etc.

Also present in the notebook are extracts from the specifications for the light-draft ironclad Cohoes, built by Continental Works in 1865 but never commissioned.

Though Monitor is not the subject of the specifications, it is present throughout as a reference point to the builders. On page 43, for example, the specifications make clear that the “arrangement of the motive engine, condenser, air-pump & other parts will be exactly as in the U.S. Gunboat Monitor.”


Hill, Warren E.


After June 1, 1862 - Before December 31, 1865

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