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twisting + following the lay. But
it will be found that in making,
say, a 12-fold knot they cannot
safely be neglected owing to the
kinking which results if they are
not observed

Uses: As whip-lash knots* (whence
their name.) As ornamental knots,-
and In the 2-fold form, as a
larger or safer substitute for the
[illegible] overhand

Characteristics: If the ends are
joined all these knots may be
resolved into twists constituting
the 1 cord knots in S2. They all
have an odd number of crossings
and for every odd number above 3
there is a corresponding manifold
For every [illegible] knot there is a reverse from [illegible]
knot. The various [morfications?] of
the 2-fold may be regarded as typical
& are considered below.

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