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The medical journal covers the first period of Ticonderoga's service with the European Squadron (Nov. 12, 1865 to Sept. 30, 1866).The daily entries list the names of all crew members who reported to the medical officer, along with a description of…

Features ornamental cartouche in lower right featuring an elephant

- Ornamental cartouche with four female figures
- World map presented in two hemispheres
- Text describes "Theory of the Tides" by Isaac Newton and descriptions of "Trade Winds and Monsoons" by Edmund Halley
- Text below map describes all the…

MSM0093 NewCorrectMapWorld.jpg
- Ornamental cartouche with coat of arms and surrounded by ships and mermaids
- World map in two hemispheres
- Shows coasting and trade winds

1. North Pole
2. Ptolemean systeme
3. Copernican systeme
4. Appearance of the Sun

MSM0094 CarolinaFrontiers1775.jpg
Part 1 of 2

- Landmark colonial map of the Carolinas that remained in use throughout the final quarter of the 18th century
- Ornamental cartouche