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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


Revision as of Nov 30, 2014, 8:43:19 PM
created by CByfleet
Revision as of Nov 30, 2014, 8:51:57 PM
edited by CByfleet
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[not sure what is needed here]
234<br>Tors<u>ion Fig</u>ures<br>actually made by twisting.<br>K3 2a/4C z=1<br>Reducible to K2 3a/3c<br>=overhand.<br>II3 2B/4C<br>K3 1a/2C<br>II3 1B/2C z=1<br>Attempt to draw III3 3B/6C<br> breaks down <u>ut supra</u><br>K3 3a/6C<br>z=3<br>II3 3B/6C<br>(made)II3 4B/8C = III4 3B/9C Other forms<br>K3 4a/8c z=1<br>=K4 3a/9C<br>(cf v. 258.B)<br>i, ii & iii all<br>show 8 (non-<br>alternate) C <br>

Revision as of Nov 30, 2014, 8:51:57 PM

Torsion Figures
actually made by twisting.
K3 2a/4C z=1
Reducible to K2 3a/3c
II3 2B/4C
K3 1a/2C
II3 1B/2C z=1
Attempt to draw III3 3B/6C
breaks down ut supra
K3 3a/6C
II3 3B/6C
(made)II3 4B/8C = III4 3B/9C Other forms
K3 4a/8c z=1
=K4 3a/9C
(cf v. 258.B)
i, ii & iii all
show 8 (non-
alternate) C