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Revision as of Mar 14, 2014, 5:16:10 PM, created by GDavis

On the other hand if, as actually
happens in practical net making, a
is the short end of hte string ac,
& the end actually joined to the loose
end from the mesh, then the first
method produces precisely the same
results and
Though both 1 & 2 are quick
& rapid methods of making the knot, the former will probably be
found by most people easier to follow
& remember.
(3) In the common case when neither

b nor  d are accessible, as in a bight on

a long rope, or when they are joined
to form a bulging loop, or when bd is not
flexible (see [Blank Wall??] Hitch, ii.p.35), a
[where fit?] though usually not fit
different plan may must be adopted. Let a
be the running end of the rope to be
joined to the bight or loop. Put a through
the loop from the right front, up to the left,
across to the right over both parts of
the loop, and down behind both parts in