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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


Revision as of May 21, 2014, 10:55:53 PM, edited by CByfleet

however it will be uneven. This must
be corrected by making both parts
of the cord even, beginning from the
tassel, and the round turned must
be tightened for each part independently.
By pulling pup the bight & working the
slack into the round turns the tassel ^bugle
hangs lower, & vice versa. It is likely
that there will be too much length of
cord between the bight and the tassel ^bugle, which
is not smart. If so, take the whole
thing off; lay the bight a little less
far down & try to get an extra round
turn on with the doubled parts. The
tassel ^bugle
ought to have only just room
enough to get ^squeeze through the bight.
The business is complicated by the fact
that the tassel ^bugle
has to pass through the
parts of the hilt, and ^so that the exact ad-
justment of the bight at the commence-
ment is a matter of some nicety.
Uses: For ornamenting hilts:
Characteristics: A form of whipping.