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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


Revision as of Apr 21, 2014, 2:36:57 AM, created by MMurray

the rope forming the eye. Or three
long strands may be plaited together
near their centres in a three strand
plait (I. p. ) long enough to form
the eye and then the six ends
brought together & braided as here
shown.Further an eye may be
introduces in the middle of the braid
by dividing the strands & plaiting ^each group independently
in the ordinary fashion ([Deleted: p.] i. p. ), and
then continuing with the [Deleted: ?] whole
of them together as here described.
The end can be tapered by
gradually dropping out strands & turning
their ends into the braid.* Any part
may be broadened by adding strands.
All these devices are employed
separately or in combination ac-
cording to the precise purpose for
which the sennit is being made, &
for the most part are as applicable to
the ordinary plait as to the English Sennit.