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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


Revision as of Apr 24, 2014, 8:41:53 AM, created by NWadsworth

Unlay 2 four turns to <h>, and having
four turns for knotting as in fig 7, lay
up 4 all the way to k, replacing the
remaining strand of the dummy on the
way. Knot and tuck under the four
pairs of strand ends (fig 8 ) as in a
long splice (p 163.) or, if prefered, whip
the ends together & trim them off.
The use of the dummy - a device of
the writer's - may be dispenced with if
sufficient skill has been attained to lay
up the strands without it. But it
will be found a help in this , the
most difficult operation connected with
ropes , ad it will also be found
useful to mark the point A , d</u. & <u>e
at the commencement.
A rope may be shortened by pursuing
the process backwards.
Uses : Chiefly, if not solely, to lengthen
the roping of a sail in when adding more
cloths without having to recourse to two