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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


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[diagonal line through page bottom right to top left]
Admiral Elliot's Eye. (for cables.)
Figured: p.241. fig 1, but on a cable
instead of a hawser and on a much larger
scale. The seizing [(kackling)?] round the
base would be larger & over the other
To make: A thimble is used.
The eye is made on the following prin-
ciple. The cable is unlaid ^giving 3 hawser laid strands of 3 [readris?] each. Strand
1 is taken round the thimble and
long spliced to 2 ^or 3 (as in the Rope maker's
eye.) Strand 3
^The other strand is eye-spliced to itself,
thus forming a second eye. The two
eyes are bound round, forming them
into one, and the necessary seizings
are put on where required. Six
men are considered necessary to make
this eye, and everything is on a larger
scale than in the case of hawsers.
[arrow pointing right 1.1?] Capstan bars, or hand spokes ^& Spanish Windlasses have
to be used for tightening ^[east (called sounding?]</I> Small?] ^<I>small rope
^of 2[half] to 3 [ins?] for stops & seizings; instead of being
served with spun yarn, the [sep?] eye ^cable is