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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


Revision as of May 27, 2014, 2:09:01 PM, created by GDavis

another form of Sz [2b/4c], an r.k. so
that in these two cases the r.k. & i.k.
overlap. In other words there is no
i.k. of 3 or 4c on 1z, but these
two knots can be displayed as r.k. or
Query: Does the T.H. come within the
definition of a r.k.?
No: I think not, except of course
Sz [3b/3c], and S3 [2b/4c] re-arranged.

Twice the no. of knots in any S is
infinite, & Sz contains knots of all
possible C, [therefore] all the T.Hs. can be
derived from the S2 r.ks., & this disposes
of one class of i.ks., the rule above
laid down applying to all of them.
Query: Can the rule on p29 be
stated in more general terms on the lines
of p17.m? This can be said that
in any Sz knot if a twist adjacent parts
lying in two bights are joined, & 2 other parts