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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


Revision as of May 29, 2014, 6:55:01 AM, edited by JLee

I2 Only
95) odd c gives c-1 [superscript:]c-1[over]2 of (c+1)[subscript:] c-1[over]2 of 9c+2)}[Oro?]
odd c give same ^<c-1 knots</i> for not.
But some will be repetitions.
96) Required: knots with y.c. Proceed
as follows:-
A. Suppose y is odd.
9i0 [Oro?]: - y c can be derived from
r.k. y-2, & r.k y-1.
(iii) With r.k.(2-2) join 1 to all even nos.
"[Oro?]" up to & including 1[symbol] y-2. This will give
y-3[over]2 knots of y crossings.
Then with r.k (y-10 join 1 ^[Oro?] to all odd
nos. ^except 5 up to & including 1[symbol]y. This will
give y-3[over]2 of y crossings. y-3 4-3[over]2 knots.
(iii) As y is odd these are no fresh knots ^ with. r.k. y join 1 not