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Revision as of Aug 28, 2014, 2:27:30 AM, created by MMurray

no two neighbouring strands of the
same set passing at once over the
same strand of the other set, a
coach whipping plait will result. Com-
plicated as this may sound it is
the easiest ^an easy way of all of making
these plaits. and may be compared to
a process of worming a rope as though
it were both a cable & a hawser.

By using a core of leather and
several very fine strips of leather,
plaited in this way round it, whip
lashes of any size with a smooth
surface can be made, such as the
best Australian stock whips. The
leather may be pressed & polished after-
[Vertical in left margin: See VI. 127.]
Uses: To plait in tubular or
cord form, usually with fine strands or
strips round a heart. *
Characteristics: In the tubular form
the crossings are alternate. Made with
thin strips of leather round a large core this
plait looks entirely different. cf iii. 215.