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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


Revision as of Aug 25, 2014, 11:29:47 AM, edited by NWadsworth

Uses: To tighten. Compare the
Midship Marlingspike Hitch (i.73.) To
pack logs. (T.B.)
Characteristics : A process of twisting
which severely strains the rope, and
if carried far breaks it.
"Woold" is from a Dutch word
meaning to "wind" , and The rope
wound round [pished?] spars is sometimes
called woolding.
Balista: a cross bow. Gibbon 4.3/5.T.
2 Chron. 26.15. "Engines devised by cunning men".
Onagros ([Greek ' omega nu alpha gamma rho omicron sigma]) = wild ass. Gibbon
4. 315. T. on principle of a sling.