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Revision as of Sep 18, 2014, 1:31:44 PM, created by GDavis


other side of 4 (in 4's division) and
"over" must be so interpreted through-
out. As long as the movements
are consistent it does not matter.
The 2nd figure cord (or one going under)
always goes immediately to the vacancy
left by the 1st (or one going over.)
The scheme for 4 cords is
[to right of diagram]
(1) 2 1
(2) 4 3
(3) 3 2
(4) 1 4 & repeat from (1)
[below figure]
In general, with N cords (even)
there are N/2 pairs: (Bung moves with watch)
With these pairs taken consecutively, cross
the right hand cord of each pair over
the left hand cord of the same and
the left hand cord into the other's vacancy.
This having been done to the (N/2)th
pair, treat the cord of this pair which