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Revision as of Sep 24, 2014, 9:18:39 AM, created by NWadsworth

marline was then twisted again
about the strands & fastened also
to the marline by a hlaf hitch.
The illustrations opposite [ p 184 ]
will show what I mean, & also
how the marline was fastened
to the bough.
6. I have seen knots that
were tied by other orioles in sup-
porting their nests ; but never
examined them carefully & do not
know how general the habit is.
It is probably rare. I will keep
my eyes open next spring & report
any finds to you. If I can find a nest showing a knot
clearly it will give me a pleasure
to send it over for your collection.
With kindest regards -
Very sincerely yours
(signed) Wm. J. Long. "
[overrun from p 184 : single knot."]