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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


Revision as of Oct 12, 2014, 11:46:10 AM, edited by MMcPartlan

(Diamond Mesh.)
[Diagram] Joining knot
for adding
fresh string
(This is really a bowline knot)
[Catbourne?] = ? Braiding
" Breding.)
(no spool used here)
To join up the net. (i) The L hand knot
[Take the two ends top loops, overlap them & put them
thus over a peg (upright.) Join the tag end of twine hanging
from one of them to the twine on the needle which should
have a closed point.] Then lap the ^slack right hand 1/2 mesh half
[Diagram left edge with 6 lines to right] over the ^corresponding left hand 1/2 mesh, & holding them firmly with thumb
& first finger of left hand, pass needle up between[theta]ro the over-
lap, draw tight: hold still, and now, casting the slack over to
the left, pass the needle under the two overloops strands (one being) the
down thread) & over the slack & draw tight in a downward direction. The knot is
then complete.
[Line from left to middle of page]
ii) The R. knot. Next, even the knot just made with the nearest line of
knots, & passing the twine from it down against the next
lower R. hand 1/2 mesh thus [Diagram] hold firmly as before, & pass
needle (1) up under R. hand (i.e. the 1/2 mesh ), draw, throw slack
over in loop to Left & pass the needle under both & over the slack. Draw tight, & the knot is made.
It will be necessary in a pointed net ([perf?] in all) to tie
the bottom two meshes.
Browning Cutch = Catechu (at Eastbourne called Kathykew)
Buy "Kutch" or Katheykew (?catechu) of an oilman. Melt in just enough
water, put the made net in while hot & leave for an hour or more. This
can be repeated 4 or 5 times. (It is not necessary to keep at the boil.)