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of pairs of bights, produced by
the process illustrated in fig2, is
knotted. The Japanese appear to be
very fond of this knot.
Characteristics: The knot is the
same on both sides. Its foundation
is two overhand knots.^is a Threefold knot, which is equivalent to two interlaced
In this con-
nection it is interesting to compare
it with the knots on pp60/62^74ff. In
those cases it will be noted that
each of the two ^interlaced overhand knots sur-
rounds both parts of the top bight
or loop, whereas in this case they
do not. It cannot be made on a cord
with joined ends
If however it is desired to make
some such knot on a string^cord with closed
joined ends, the knot on p111. must
be used, or one may proceed as fol-
lows:- Make as many ^similar overhand
running knots as the intended number
of loops, by making ^similar twists on the

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