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128 (p. 41.)
Order of the Knot.
Cf however VI. 121.
& 125, where a
different knot and
a full, though dif-
ferent a/c is given.
Cf VI. 121-&125[b],
E. Ashmole: Order of the Garter (1672) ( pp96, 107.B.)
Founded 26 May 1351 by Louis, Prince of
Taa Tarentum (Tarento) [? the 2nd husb. of
Qn. Joanna of Hungary] on the conclusion
of the war between Naples & Hungary and
the marriage of the two opponents on his corona-
tion day, when he became Kg. of Naples. Mrs.
Bury Palliser: "Historic Devices etc" however says
it was instituted 1252 ^?misprint * by Louis of Tarento,
2nd husb of Qn Joanna, & tt the badge was
of silk, gold & pearls, tied upon t arm as
a knot, & tt those invested vowed to undo
it at Jerusalem. The drawing is from
Ashmole who says the knot was the emblem
of Love and Friendship. ( it is an overhand.)
* Louis the Great of Hungary flourished 1344-82 (Hayak. Hungary) He
invaded Naples 1349. Andrew, 1st husb of Joanna murdered 1345.

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