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Half Knot for temporary ties requiring
alteration. (Give also plan on p.72)
[Vertical: If a and b were splices it wld.
be a Larks Head or Butt Slings]
To Make: Half knot as
shown and if necessary
again on the near side of
the two standing parts
Uses: as a temporary knot; for instance, in
suspending a flat board by its four
corners when it is certain that some
of the cords will require adjustment before the board is level. ^For a loop to strain netting during the process of netting For attaching
hammock needles to the eyes in the canvas.
Characteristics: The arrangement
can be made secure to any extent
by half knotting alternately on each
side of the standing parts. Where
many cords are employed & the strain
is subdivided one half knot is generally
sufficient. Instead of pulling both ends
through a bight of one or both may be
pulled through forming a bow.
[Vertical: West Country Whipping]

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