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Figure of Eight Knot.
Other names: Heneage's Knot. -Flemish
Knot (H. who says it is a common name.)
Figured: p.130.figs.
To make: Twist a loop; pass the
running end round the standing part &
under its own part through the loop.
Then tighten.
p133. Uses: To prevent rope unreeving.
To join to loops, bights, rings &c. For instance,
in fishing, the attachments figured below [p 134]
Characteristics: This knot is chiefly
interesting as being, from a mathemati-
cal standpoint the only one with four
crossings. If the ends are joined it
may be represented in various forms,
thus:- or
E. B xiv.

[Vertical: Cf VI. 121, 125[f] ]
A favourite heraldic knot for "nowed serpents,"
occurring in the ^constantly in the cords of bishops & cardinals hats, & in arms or crests: of e.g: Devonshire
(dukedom^cf Portland do.); Jenner, Wells, Wilks & Milman (baronet-
cies.) The serpent in the last is within an ace

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