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The Heneage (Lincolnshire family) knot is this :-     133
Planché considers it to be simply a
personal device of Sir Thos. H.    [Caption: "Glossary of Hc Terms"
p. 197.]
of converting himself into a Timber
Hitch of the kind figured on p. 130. fig.(4)
The 8 knot is really a 3-fold ^strand plait (cf
p.158) just as the Carrick Bend ^on two cords is a 4-fold ^strand
plait (pp.158. ) It is also a T.Hitch. iv.29.B-
If instead of one of the ends
being pulled through, a bight of
it only
is pulled through, a Figure
of Eight Running Knot is the result.
(cf p 55.) If bights are pulled through
in both cases, a knot analogous to
the Tom Fools' Knot (p 79) is produced.

p131. The knot is
much used in parcel
tying thus :- It is made
rapidly with the left finger
& thumb by bending down
the end of the string twisting
it twice round the standing
part & then through the bight. The other end of the string
is then passed through the loose kn round the parcel &
through the loose knot, which is then tightened. The tie is
then hauled tight & finished off in various ways. (see
Parcel Knots &c infra vol. pp.

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