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Uses: For purposes of making knots intended
to be permanent; for fastening a firm knot
on bights & loops; for making loops that
will not slip (see ii. p.39); for bending small
rope to big; for netting; when made loosely,
for bending hawsers to one another; for
joining when one of the pieces of cord &c
is very short. For "bending small sheets to the
clews of sails, which present bights ready for
the hitch." (E. B. xxi. 591. i. B.) For attaching
thongs, tags, snappers &c. to the plaited lash
of a whip.*
Characteristics: These have been to some
extent considered in the preceding pages.
When the knot is pulled really taut
it jams & is impossible to undo. It can
be opened by cutting through the bight of
one of the two loops, an operation con-
stantly performed in mending nets. The
structure of the knot has been explained
to consist of a lion & bull loops inter-
laced. From a mathematical point of view
^ it is the same as the Crossed Running Knot (i. 65.)
& it is ^can be resolved into a knot of 8 ^ 6 crossings, and may be

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