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Kipping says (73) of the form given by him (81 [infra?])"often 77
used in haste to bend hawsers together."
Uses: For bending large ropes; for joining so
as to resist heavy & jarring strains (as
the recoil of guns &c.); as an ornamental
knot; as a girdle knot in Japan; as a
crest ^ ([found?]). in the family of Wate ( form 2) ^([ ?])* ; &
it is stated to have been used as the true
love knot of Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn . (see 1.78.)
Characteristics: This, ^ like the Figure of Eight, & Reef </i> <i>^& granny</i> <i>^ Knots, is ^ a as perfectly sym-
metrical a knot. as it is possible to
make on cords with free ends.
^Like the common granny It is the
same with the right turned to the left,
nd with the back turned to the front.
Like the Figure of Eight, it is a form of
plait (four fold: see i.158). Just as the
^granny reef knot. was ^ is a pair of lion loops
interlaced ^ with alternate crossings, so this is a pair of interlaced
full loops, [P?] each part crossing over & under
alternately until it comes out of the same
bight it first entered. ( as drawn ) There
are only two forms, (given on p.75.) The
full loops in each of the forms are both

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