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General Rules for knots
formed by unlaying rope.
(1) BindWhip the rope round at the point
where the unlaying is to cease with
thin line, to be removed later if desired.
(2) Preserve the lay in the strands as
much as possible when they are to be
laid up again above the knot.
(3) In the more complicated knots either
whip bind the ends of the each strands with a thread,
or smear it with something sticky that will
dry quickly, to prevent fraying . Mark them
to distinguish them if necessary.
(4) When the knot is made, the ends should
be tucked away into it, or seized to the rope,
or tucked awayworked under the strands of the
rope, or frayed out & laid wormed along the grooves
of it & then have ^served [?]or parcelled with a piece of cloth, ^canvas &c. bound
over them , or finished off in the neatest
manner it is worth while to adopt.
(5) The rope must be dry & if it has never
been wet, so much the better. Let it be wetted
when the knot is taut.
(6) The ^rope end being held up pointing up, {a crown, whether made
before a wall or after, is
always uppermost unless
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