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Triple Crown -
Other names: Mason's Whipping
H.37. but the ends are tucked over
& works the strands of the laid up
part to finish off. Cf p 16[?] 189.
[NOTE] Give also reverse of this Cf Jut[???] .33-
To make: Lay the red end over the violet
end, the blue over the red end & through
the violet bight: or generally; with any
number of strands, Make a bight with
one, lay the end of the strand next
to it over its end; the end of the 3rd
strand over that of the 2nd, & so on until
the last strand's end is put under & through
the bight of the first. It is convenient
to remember that if, looking down on
the top of the rope with a bight made
as in fig [blank], if the end a
is put up through the bight
of b & the end of b up through c's
bight [G?]. it is Walking; if
down, it is Crowning. [p146]

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