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Uses: A rope end knot. It may also
be used for the same purposes as the
Spritsail Sheet Knot (p ) by taking
the strands of the two rope ends in pairs con-
sisting of a strand from each end, and then
regarding each pair as a single strand and
walling & crowning accordingly: The resulting
Characteristics: This Knot is a reef^might be called
knot on three pars, as may be shown
by pursuing the process used on p.
133 to illustrate the connection between
the overknot & Single wall knots.But the comparison is subject to the same limitations as beforeBoth
figs 3 & 4 (P 141) are correct representations^indications,
of the same knot, but fig 4 is to drawn
as to show the curious character of
the knot in that, viewed from above,
the violet strand is always above the
blue, the red above the violet, and the
blue above the red, although the blue is
above^below the violet. Three rings of cord
^(as in fig 2. p 146) laid in a similar position (of which
one would have to be cut & rejoined)

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