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159 [Vertical strikeout line down the page]
Sprit Sail Sheet Knot.
[Note] For the knot as made by me see p 160-1. Omit this
fancy figure & substitute mine. E.B. xxi.[591??] fig 14.

To make: Unlay the [  ??] two ends of
3-strand rope, put the unlaid strands
together, single wall the [  ?] together ^against the lay (p.
131), crown them (p.141), ^pull nearly taut, & then double wall
& double crown them (p 153)* this later
process is one of past ^some mechanical diffi-
culty and is extremely confusing.
is no limit to the number of strands that
can be similarly except the patience
of those who consider it worthwhile
make these knots. Tuck in the ends ^as on p 155, or
Pull the knot very tight 7 cut off the ends very close [beta].
Uses: As a stopper. Formerly in the
clews of sails.
Characteristics: See p.145.
[beta] Then strain the parts below the knot & the ends
will disappear into the knot, or become unnoticeable.

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