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strands, so that if they were numbered
in the order thay came up for walling
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6, [  ?] the end of 1 would
hang to the right of the bight of 4; 2 to
the right of 5, so on. In the case
of an ordinary double wall & crown this
is equivalent to saying that at this stage
each end hangs down by its own bight.
Accordingly pass the ends through the
bights as indicated, one by one, & com-
plete this for all six before doing anything
further. Do every thing in regular order,
[Intermingled Comment - Let them be to the left (or above the parts they
are following. [N.B. although each part appears to be crowned once
in the figure [  ??] they are not & the figure is correct.]

not jumping about from one end to another
not next to it, and let the knot at
every stage be perfectly uniform, even, and
neither very slack nor taut, as all this
helps to prevent confusion & errors.
^ The knot will now be in the shape of a small cup, &
H having got so far, put the red end down ^close by
the rope, [  ??  ??] through the centre of the
knot to the right of its own part ^[  ?] that part is nearest you, (i.e. between
its own part & the violet part), put the violet
down in the same way to the right of its own
part, & so with the black, brown, blue, 7 green
ends in succession. ^The places are marked with dots in fig 2 p 166.
[p 166 follows]

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