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Larks [Nest?]
Other names ; Pigtail.
p 125
Matthew Walker
^ Other Names
Cf Jutsum p 35 ff-
Double Matthew Walker

Figured p. 182.1
[to be put here.]
To make : Make a loose overhand knot
with ^Fig 1 ; do the same with with 1 round the
ends of 2 & 3 (fig. 1 2 p. 178); make a similar
knot with 2 round 3, passing the end of
2 through the bight of 1 & then through
its own bight^ (fig 2 3. p178) ; make a similar knot
with 3,passing its end (i) through the
bight of 1 ; (ii) through that of 2: & (iii)
through its own bight. ^ ( fig 3 4 p 178). Equalise all the
bights & let them be equidistant from
one another. Pull the ends evenly
straight up from the knot while
humouring the latter close down to
the laid up part . ^ Finally push the knot up from below. Cut tThe ends
short, whipping them first if desired ^are usually whipped & distributed ; but it is better to crown them hard and cut them close.
crown it & [cut?]
rope no 1. would be more symmetrical.
[This needs checking!]

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