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pleted knot is ^likely to vary hardly ever the same twice,^ if any attempt is made to bring the ends up straight &
together at the top,

and ^but as it is a makeshift knot, usually
made in a hurry, this is perhaps of no
great importance. It generally ^Without manipulation it looks
insymmetrical when the two halves of it
are compared, but it is possible to
manipulate it into a perfectly symmetri-
cal knot. ( e.g. fig 1.) The ends, if long
enough may be laid up again, but are
generally cut short.
Uses : A rope end knot.
Characteristics . When pulled taut it
is hard, & ^rather difficult to undo. It consists
of 3 overhands irregularly interlaced. Its
advantage is that it is servicable &
easy to make. If the three overhands
were interlaced regularly a prettier ^& more constant knot
^& very intricate knot would result, but ^and the difficulty of
making it would be ^much increases. (cf p.
254. S6 9c[over)45b . )

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