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Double Diamond Knot
Other names
To make ^ very carefully unlay the rope ^(which should be hand laid) to the point wher the knot is to be
Make three bights, and take the
free end of one round with the lay over in front of
the next bight and up through the next
but one; do the same with the end of
with that of the remaining one as
shown in the figures on pp.201, 203.
Pull tight evenly^drawing the ends straight upwards, and lay up the
strands above the knot again. (this unlaying
& unlaying up are the most difficult to do satisfactorily.)

Uses: To afford a grip on the hands
or feet on a rope.
Characteristics: *There are two is only one forms
of this knot pp 201,A & 203 B when plain rope is used of which
one is the reflection of the other in a
mirror. But if coloured strands are used
as represented in the figures there are
two varieties of each form (owing to the
colours) & the figures of the completed are so [drawn?]
coloured as to show each of them. (pp201, A.1, & 203. B.1.)
that these two additional varieties may be
The sides of the Knots. not shown are the reflec-
observed with the aid of a mirror tions in a mirror. of the sides shown

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