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French Shroud Knot. (1) Bushell 22.
[Fig 1. on p. 220.]
To make: [Cratch?] the unlaid ends
together (fig.2) & ^& draw the two portions of rope together: then crown ^ left-handed each set
of ends round the roots of the
others, i.e. put 1 down through the
bight of 3; 3 through that of 2; &
2 through that of 1. So put 4
through the bight of 6; 6 through that
of 5; & 5 through that of 4. The two
crowns being made the knot will ap-
pear as in fig 3. Now reverse the
positions of each pair of ends, e.g.
let 3 lie in front of 6 ^ as in fig 1. instead of
behind it as in fig 3. So let 4 lie
on the other side of 2; & 5 on the
other side of 1. Tighten thoroughly
by pulling the ends in opposite
directions, as the knot is liable to
slip slightly when the strain falls on

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