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Note on the drawing of the plait knots.
Draw as many concentric rings as the number
of the series. Draw a perpendicular radius
to the top of the outer circle to mark the
centre of the first bight, & for every other
bight draw a radius at such an angle with
the first that all the radii may be equi-
distant, i.e. 360[degrees]/no.of bights. Then draw radii half
way between the other radii. Draw a little
crosses where the 2nd circle (from the outside)
is cut by these intermediate radii; &o. where
the 3rd is cut by the bight radii; &o. where
the 4th is cut by the intermediate radii, &c
until enough crosses for the figure are put
in. [All this in pencil.] Then with ink
draw from the top bight radius on the
outer circle a curved line to the right
hand intermediate radius 2nd circle cross,
over it, & on to the 3rd circle (bight) radius
cross, under it (i.e. leave a space) & so on till
the inner circle cross is reached: from this
go on to the next inner circle cross & then
outwards, always going over & under alternately.
[Vertical: [?] [Arrow to left] This does not always [act?].
e.g. S7 2b/12c.

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