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Long Splice (Hawser laid ropes.)
[Caption: (7.)]
To make: Unlay the two rope ends about
the distance of 6 times their own circumference.
(5½ times: Bushell - 3 to 6 ft. Kipping. - 3 times
as much as for a short splice. Moriarty = about
6 circumferences: Bushell. 14.T. - 5½ times: [Burney?].
5 to 6 ft. Steel - 4x as much as for Sht Sce. Jutsum 45.B.)
and [crutch?] them close together as in fig 1.
where the strands of the left hand rope are
numbered 1,2,3, and those of the right hand
rope 4,5,6. Unlay one of the strands
- say no 2 - about ^ four or five six turns (fig 2) and
lay up in the vacancy so caused the
strand from the opposite rope which is
divided from the nearest vacancy by
two ^the number of strands ^in the rope less one.. The replacing strand will
therefore by no 5. (Avoid the temptation to
employ no 6
) Lay up 5 as in fig 3. Now

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