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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


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to avoid the confusion is
to hold the standing part
upright & at the place
where the end is to be
joined to it make three
small marks or dots (e.g.
with ink) one or tar)
one on each of the three
laid up strand & so that the three
dots shall all lie in the same hori-
zontal plane. (fig 2.) It is under
these dots that the marlinespike
will be inserted later to open a
passage for the unlaid strands.
Now pass the marlinspike at
right angles to the lay under 5 at
the dot, and, holding the rope as
in fig 1, pass 1 through the opening
and under 5, and pull it though,
but not as to strain it. (fig 3.)
Next, assuming the position in fig 3,
take 2 back between 3 & the standing

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