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found a great help. ^Call this piece the dummy .
& continue one strand of it in a little way along the vacant lay on
each side of it, to keep it in place.
The strand iii has
now to be joined to 1 , and for this
purpose will have to be unlaid 4
turns to f for knotting purposes, and
similarly 3 will have to be un laid
4 turns to g, as shown in fig 4. In-
stead, however, of unlaying iii & 3 at
once, lay up 1 through the dummy ,
throwing away the strand it replaces
there , carry it on till it meets iii, and
then continue to unlay iii & lay up 1
simultaneously to f. (fig 5.) Proceed in
exactly the same way with ii & 3 (fig 6)
Now take the fourth strand, of a
length sufficient to give a number of
turns estimated as follows : ^* - 8 for knotting,
to 2 & i ; for hC[?] , 4 ; Cg , 7 ; gd, 4 ; ef, 4 ; fB,
8 ; Bk 4 ; & for de (= x), 4 : in all 43
turns, of which 39^31 are required in
every case , and the balance is found by
multiplying the turns equivalent to x
by 3.

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