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long splices, ^which are supposed to involve involving the ripping of
more of the sail than is necessary
with this process. But as to this
it entirely depends on how much is
considered necessary to unlay for a
long splice. Opinions differ, some saying
5 [1over2] times the rope's circumference and
some 2 fathoms. In the example
given above , 35[?] ^31-2 turns of the ^original rope
were disturbed and in no[?] ^every case ^* was[?]
less ^more than 31 ^23 must be disturbed , whereas
the two long splices can be put
in by disturbing only 18 ^24 turns of
the original rope with perfect safety
and with far less trouble . Commander
Burney's concrete example of the process
involves a disturbance of (2 x 2fr 6 ins)
+ (2 x 6 ins) = 6ft, in the case of a
3 inch rope ; whereas by following his
directions for making a long splice ,
the two ^long splices could be put in by disturbing
only 2 ft 9 ins. Other nautical writers

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