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yarns again - more or less according
to fancy. ^unlaying them from the strands as required. Having seen that all is
tight & as even as possible, ^unlay the rest of the yarns, carry all
the ends down & stop them [Deleted: to] ^toward the
laid up part immediately under the
wood. Next take the stops off the
longitudinal yarns & knot these ^ends tightly
together - each yarn separately - so as
to marl the eye all round. ^Withdraw the piece of wood. Then *
marl in the ordinary way all [Deleted: under] ^round the
eye ^(removing the lonitudinal yarns in so doing) & round ends stopped to the
laid up part of the rope. Parcel &
serve over as in fig 1.

The general idea of this eye is
so simple that the smaller details
may be left very much to the makers
fancy & convenience. Stops should be
freely used wherever required, and a
whipping, ^(not shown in fig 2) as usual, at the point to
which the strands are un laid. (ii. 130)
Everything should be quite tight, and all the
yarns evenly half knotted, but the half

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