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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


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Current Page Transcription [history]

[Editor: this page contains manuscript in pencil which has been overwritten in ink. The text below reflects the manuscript written in ink. The manuscript in pencil is illegible in places, and has not been transcribed. The manuscript in pencil appears to be a fragmentary earlier version of the manuscript in ink. The content of this page needs to be reviewed.]
[Editor: First four lines have a curly brace to their right with the text "Tested" to the right of the curly brace.]
K2 1a/c = K1 2a/c
K3 2a/4c = K2 3a/3c
K4 3a/9c = K3 4a/8c
K54a/16c = K4 5a/15c
|| Does Kn (n-1)a/c = K(n-1) na/c? Yes.
If so K5 4a/16c = K4 5a/15c Yes. [checkmark]
(Note that the crossings are 1 less & the arcs
1 more.) & that the reducible knots have
{ Does Kn (n-2)a/c = K(n-2) (n+1)a/c? No.
If so K4 2a/c = K2 5a/c. No.

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