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Examination of I. K. of 6C.
There is no r. k. on one cord of 6 C ex-
cept the Twist, because the factors of
6 are 1, 2, 3 & 6 giving n as 2, 3,4 & 7,
all of which except 7, the twist, have
measures in common with 6. (the same
applies to knots of 1 & 2 C.)
It is known that a [i?] k. of
T. H. form corresponds to every no. of C.
of 3 & upwards (that of 3 being an.
r. k. S2 3b/3c & that of 4 being S3 2b/4c)
Hence there is a T. H. of 6 C. Further
the Granny, the Reef & the Weaver
(or Bowline, or Crossed Running Knot)
are other knots of 6 C. on one cord. Tait
says there are only 4 such knots.
Problem: To derive these 4 ks. From
r. ks. of 6 C.
From S2 6b/6c the Reef is obtained
by joining 2,4; 1,3; 5,6; 12,7. In the
form of 2 dissimilar overhands on
and endless cord. From do. the Granny

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