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Henry Bushby Transcription pages


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Current Page Transcription [history]

[note to administrator: much of this page as well as the previous deals with fractions. these fractions will be shown as "x/y" rather than "x over y" format]

Summiry[spelling?] of Reduction Data.
[vertical writing outside leftbracket]Torsions[left side begin bracket starts and extends for 3 more lines below]III4 2B/6C [vertical writing appears between this fraction what follows. This vertical writing starts 3 more lines down] reduced to I2 4B/4C [right side bracket starts here and continues for 3 more lines down] [vertical writing outside right brackets] Torsions
IV5 3B/12C[vertical writing in this space] [ditto marks] [ditto marks] II3 5B/10C
III4 3B/9c[vertical writing in this space] [ditto marks] [ditto marks] II34B/8C
[ left bracket ends with this line]IV54D/16C[vertical writing starts here] [ditto marks] [ditto marks]III4</sub)5B/15C [right bracket ends with this line]
[vertical writing centered btween previous fractions] Observe B+C is the same in re-
[duction?] as in original.[end vertical writing]
(Not [Torrinor?]II52B/8C [ditto marks] [ditto marks] ([I?].K34B/8C
III26[b?]/6c [ditto marks] [ditto marks] I22[b?]/2c
[Torrion?] IV52B/8C[ditto marks] [ditto marks] (T25B/5C
[Non Torion?]II53B/12C irreducible. It may be
shown thus

[caption centered below diagram: 12c irreducible] [ a diagonal line starts here and extends "ne" for the length of the diagram ending at the word "thus" in previous sentence]
But this conforms to the formula
[S?] (s+1) xB/x[S?]c [=?] [J.G? so far as c goes.

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Current Page Discussion [history]

Try using the tags <=sub> <=/sub> to set and to cancel subscripts. I've had to add the = sign to get this page to edit properly. Ignore the sign in use.
From other pages it looks as though he uses the word 'Torsions' to refer to specific sorts of knots.
I hope this helps.