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"Not". Sz Iz series.
Amended Laws.
(1) z rule:- [Diagonal pencil note: corrected for
I3 also -
1[sideways U]1, or 1+[Bracket spanning 2 lines]a multiple of 4 ....z unaltered
e.g. 1x4, 2x4, 3x4 &c. [Pencil note:z=1 or 2.]
1[sideways U]2, or 2 + M4.....[Bracket spanning 2 lines]z ^=2 or 3 even, subtract 1
z ^=1 odd, add 1
[Pencil note: (z=1 or 2.)
1[sideways U]3, or 3 + M4......[Bracket spanning 2 lines]z =2 or 3 even, subtract 1
z =1 odd, unaltered
[Pencil note: z always = 1 in Iz
[ deleted pencil note of several lines ?]
1[sideways U]4 or (4+) M4.........add 1. [Pencil note: (z=2 or 3)]
This exhausts all possibilities.
(2) Crossings rule.
Ignoring 1[sideways U]2 which always gives
preceding knot & is therefore useless, and
bearing in mind that with even bights (or c)
only reverse ^repetitions of knots will be obtained if
1[sideways U] to a part with a no. higher than
(no. of bights) + 1; while with odd bights
(or c) any no. higher than (bight no.) (no.
of bights) gives reverses ^repetitions, start, according
as the bights (or c) are even or odd, with
[Pencil note: p261. T.]

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