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I2 only 263
(ii) Then with r.k (y-1) join 1 to all odd
Nos. ^"[Oro?]" to y-1 except in A-i. This gives y-4/2 c knots.
(iii) with r.k.y, join 1 to all even
nos ^"not" up to & including y +1., but ^excluding 2& com-
mencing with 1[Sideways U]4. This will give
y-2/2 knots different from B.i.
The totals thus obtained therefore
y odd: y-3+y-2/2 = 2y-4/2 = y-2
y-3+y-3+y-3/2 = 3(y-3)/2
y even: y-2/2+y- 24/2+y-2/2 = 3y-8/2.
For example: Required [liks?] with 6c.
B. (i) 6-2=4, 6-1=5.
With 4 join 1 ^[Oro?] to all even nos. up to
4, [rig?] 2,4. This gives 6-2/2=2. They are
the Weaver & Endless chain.
(ii) With 5 join 1 ^[Oro?] to odd nos. up to 5, [rig?],
3, 5. excluding 5. This gives [rig?] 3. This gives
6-4/2 = 1. It is the Timber Hitch.
(iii) With r.k.6 join 1, ^not to even nos.
up to 6, excluding 2. [rig?] 4,6. This gives
[4?]6-2/2 = 2. They are Ended Chain & 1z Granny.
Total 6-2+6-4+6-2/2 = 18-8/2 = 5.
[Vertical diagram and caption in a square box: 6c i 6 2z. not get found. = I4 2/6 reversed.] [Vertical text outside the square box: Also Reef, "A", p179.]

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