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Elliot's Eye. (Nares: Burney 50. Bushell216)
Figured. fig3. p.4.
To Make: This eye is made in a
cable and the idea of it is to unlay
the three ropes forming the cable; to
long-splice two of these together as in
a rope-maker’s eye (iii 251); to eye-
splice the third to itself; then to
lay up the ropes again below the
eye as a cable, and to finish off
by hitching round, seizing & inserting
a thimble, seizing and kackling "or keckling" (i.e.
binding round the cable with old rope
called "rounding". *) The object of combining
the long-splice and the eye-splice is that
while it permits unlaying, it admits
of re-laying in cable form with
the three parts left below the eye.
Three eye-splices would also attain
the same end, but it would give more
trouble and cause the part forming

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