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WhipUnlay the cable at 8 or 9 times its
circumference from the end, and unlay
it the 3 ropes to the whipping. Beat the three unlaid
ropes with a commander (a mallet) to
take the lay out of them. Unlay rope I
about 1 circumference of the cable and
unlay II to about the same distance
from the whipping. Crutch the 6 strands
together as in fig 1 and long sptemporarily
stop them together leaving 2 out.Strands 4 & 6 (of II)
may be shortened as shown in fig 1, but
5 (II) may be left long if desired, so as to
bring the long-splice knot of 5 (II) and 2 (I) on the
other side of the eye. Now complete the
long-splice by taking off the stopunlaying 2 (ofI) right
round where the eye is to be to b, and
replacing it with 5 (II), then take off the stop and let 3(I) replace
4 (ofII) and be knotted to it as near
the whipping as will allow of tucking in
the ends; and knot 1(ofI) & 6 (ofII)
together at a or some point higher up.
The idea of making the knot at b ap-

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