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pears to originate with Bushell, &
on the whole it is perhaps a
good one, though the writer is of
the opinion that the more unlaying can
be avoided the better for the rope
as a general rule. Taper the strands
& tuck them as in an ordinary long
splice, leaving the ends 4 – 6 inches long (fig 2.)
Put the thimble in position and
lay III round it ^along with the loop made
by the long-splice. * Mark III ^the standing part of at about
⅓ the cable circumference below the
Take the thimble out and eye-
splice III at the marks, putting the ends
through eitheronce or twice, ^but without tightening overmuch and leaving
them long to be used for worming later ^(fig2.)
They will be on very little use, however.
& if cut off short no great advantage
will be lost.
Now see that when
the two eyes are hauled upon the
strain falls equally on both when both
are round the thimble. If the strain

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