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is uneven the eye-splice must be
adjusted. When correct ^the ends of the eye-splice may be put through again
and tightened.
When correcttighten the
eye splice</s>, & whip the ends of 2 & 5 to
I and of 1 & 6, 3 & 4 to II. Now ^take out the thimble & put
a capstan bar through the two eyes
& twist round until the cable is
laid up again from the whipping to
the double eye. ^* Hitch all round the
eye with ½" to 1" rope according to the
size of the cable & fasten the ends
or leave them hanging down below the
eye, one on each side. Next ^ Put in the thimble, lay the
ends of the strands of III round for
worming (if they have not been cut)
& with 1” to 1½“ rope put on an ordi-
nary throat seizing (iii. 33.) below
the eye, * This may have its own cross
turns or the ends of the hitching
rope (if left hanging down) may be
made to supply them as advised by
Bushell. On the other hand, cross turns
may be omitted altogether. [thorn symbol] Finally ^ take off the whipping &

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