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be as hard and tight as strength will
make it short of straining the foxes.
Anything may be used instead of foxes,
& it will be found that 1" rope makes
a good mat if strongly & compactly twisted together.
Paunch mats are usually "thrummed"
This is done as follows: Cut up some
old ^small rope into lengths of 6" with
the aid of a fid or marline spike
poke them through the lay of the mat
pretty close together, so that they are each is
middled round some fox with their its
2 ends sticking straight up.^(fig 7) Unlay
these ends and thus form the "pile"
of the mat. If preferred they may
be doubled, the bight pushed up,
laid across the the fox & then the two
ends hooked up through the bight ^& pulled tight as
in some kinds of oriental rugs. ^(fig 8) In
(diagram)[Caption:7](diagram)[Caption:8]this case they
must be cut an
inch or two longer.

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